Management Consulting that Adds Value


We cover all industry sectors – energy, manufacturing, financial, and more!

Our service philosophy is to get things done collaboratively while providing timely momentum to advance client growth strategies and specific deal opportunities. 

Our Mission

We strive to be the most trusted asset for our clients as they seize opportunities and advance their business.

By offering more comprehensive advice and minimizing unnecessary risk, we help more companies find the level of success that they have been searching for.


What sets Kinnex apart on service is:
how we view business opportunities – commercial perspective
how we provide support – collaborative efforts to get things done

♦ Practical action plans to get things done ♦ Expert Advice ♦ Multi-skilled ♦ Deal-making and negotiation ♦

 Meet Our President . . .

. . . who has over 25 years experience as a business developer and corporate executive.   Kevin Colvey has acquired businesses and developed capital projects throughout the world and has a unique blend of skills and experience.  He currently provides best practice business management consulting services to corporate clients.  Mr Colvey’s experience with a variety of different initiatives, cultures, and markets, makes him an ideal leader for Kinnex Business Advisors.






Kinnex Business Advisors is a Halifax-based management consulting firm with international reach.  Kinnex provides business advisory services in the areas of corporate finance, business development and general business advisory to all types of companies – large, small, and start-up companies.

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  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • (902) 478-7545
  • info@kinnexbusinessadvisors.