President’s Bio

As the Principal for Kinnex Business Advisors, Kevin Colvey provides management consulting services for businesses in any sector.  This includes active business development, financial management, and general business advisory.   Mr Colvey has over 25 years of experience as a business developer and company executive with corporate and financial responsibilities.

Mr Colvey is recognized for delivering bottom-line growth, getting things done in a rational manner, creating new business ventures, leading and mentoring teams in executing on transactions, and structuring for financial returns and profitability.

Mr Colvey has acquired businesses and developed projects throughout the world.  His business experience includes ventures in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the US.  Mr Colvey has been involved in the structuring of all types of commercial deals and the development of dozens of energy-related projects from business concept through to commercial operation.

As a senior Business developer in the energy sector, Kevin has been responsible for leading and closing capital investments related to new energy opportunities, greenfield generation projects, and acquisitions of energy assets for Emera Inc and Westcoast Power.  This included the identification and the commercial advancement of new business initiatives that meet corporate objectives and growth targets.  Prior to joining Emera, Mr Colvey worked within the Westcoast group of companies and was responsible for the development and execution of new power generation projects and held various other positions entailing responsibilities in business and financial analysis, project management, and project development engineering.

Mr Colvey has a strong background in the power generation and energy infrastructure sectors, and his capabilities extend to general business management with financial, technical and commercial acumen.  He is familiar with energy markets for fuels and electricity, regulated utilities and energy infrastructure, jurisdictional and cultural diversities, plant operations, and market designs.

As a mechanical engineer, Mr Colvey’s previous experiences are in mechanical process engineering for thermal power systems, plant technical and economic optimizations, industrial energy appraisals, and power plant design.

Mr Colvey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Mr Colvey is a registered professional engineer in the province of Nova Scotia.

Mr Colvey is fluent in English and Spanish.

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  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • (902) 478-7545
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